It’s sad to know that anytime you can just be terminated without any qualms whatsoever.  Here I learned that there is no such thing as job security, one day you are an employed working professional and the next day you’re jobless and don’t know what to do or where to go. Although there are rules stating that they have to give 2 or 3 months notice, but these rules are often disregarded.

A friend of mine has been recently terminated for no apparent reason. He is a degree holder and one of only two persons approved by a government agency that works for their company. But on Tuesday after coming from the worksite to have a break the CEO just asked for his name and ID number and told him to don’t bother going back to work, and later that day a termination letter was sent to him. Luckily, his supervisor, called and talked to the CEO and resolved the problem.

Another friend, a colleague of mine was supposed to renew his contract last month, received an email from the office stating that he was not going to be renewed by the company less than 30 days before his contract is due to end. October the year before, 3 months before his contract is to end, he has already emailed the company that he is going to renew his contract with the company. Certain that he is going to renew with the company, he was awestruck to know that he will not be renewed. The following after since the email and talking to the heads of the company he was offered a new offer letter albeit with a lower salary than the previous. Being not prepared for such a situation, he was questioning if he should take on the offer or find a new company. The last time I heard he signed the new offer letter, but today I got in touched and he said that he is leaving and going back to our country.

It is sad to know that these things happen. I guess I’m just naive, living in my own perfect world (not really perfect). But I just did not expect for things to happen this way. You worked for that company giving it your all and in the end, they’ll just throw you away like trash. I’m a bit worried about my own status since my contract will end this May and the administration has changed its’ policy. We are now required to get a renewal pack from the office. I am hoping for the best and readying myself for the worse. A cut back in salary doesn’t seem so bad now.

An advice to anyone wanting to work here in the beautiful land of the United Arab Emirates, do review your contracts; check if the benefits promised to you are stated in the contract. Bans are a thing here, the company can ban you if you did not finish your contract and even if you did, transferring to a new facility can be a hassle especially for nurses (I’m not sure if this only happens to my company, but yeah, they will give you a hard time). Do a good if not thorough research on the facility that you are going to apply to, but do remember that all company has their share of bad reviews, nobodies perfect. But if you did manage to get to a company that is not managed well and does not care about its employees then it is high time for you to save and be prepared to bail out. It’s a tough world out there and there is nobody you can rely on but yourself and a few friends if you’re lucky enough.

All in all, just enjoy your journey here. Being terminated sucks, it may break you or make you. In the case of my friends, one broke and one succeeded.


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