Can’t find anything to watch on Netflix

2017-02-21I just finished the anime series Ghost Hunt and already craving for more. Season 2 please come already! Also finished watching the “season 2” of The Seven Deadly Sins, which to some hardcore anime fans is not called season 2. Also finished Kuromukuro season 1 and 2 (patiently waiting for season 3). Cyborg 009 Call of Justice was fine I guess. Enjoyed watching it, I’m just a sucker for robotic super power kind of stuff. I guess it’s kind of obvious from my choices of anime series.

I’ve tried watching Stranger Things, only got to watch episode 1 and I didn’t even finish it. I don’t know why, but it kinds of intrigue me but at the same time it kinds of bore me. I’ll watch it again another time, maybe I’m just not ready for it yet. I’ve also watched Dr. House. The first 10 or so episode was good then came the drama and I’m just out (hate dramas).

I’ve watched Under the Sun, a documentary of a documentary of a North Korean girl getting chosen to join North Korea’s Children’s Union. It basically shows how North Korea stages a nice and happy life of a North Korean girl being admitted in school and the privileges she gets or so I think. Anyways, speaking of North Korea, another documentary I tried watching is The Propaganda Game, didn’t finish it. Only watched for 9 minutes and then stopped. Again maybe some other time, I guess I was put off by the talking. But I’ll put this on my to watch later file.

So yeah, finding something to watch while waiting for new seasons of shows that I do want to watch. I did find something I would like to watch. It’s in the documentaries section, Born into Brothels. I hope I like it that I can watch it to the end. If not then I’ll just be reading Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor and watch more youtube.


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