What a week

Had to start the week with only two hours of sleep. Travel for another two hours and go work for 8 hours. Also knowing that you’re going to be alone for a month because SS have to go for vacation. This week is just not my week, the whole month will probably suck. But hey, atleast I’m still alive…kind of.

I don’t even know why I titled it this way. I don’t even know why I’m writing this. It’s not like it’s as iJustine would call “riveting content”. Yeah, I know. I follow and watch her videos on youtube as well as her sister Jenna. I don’t really have a very exciting life that’s why I watch other peoples to atleast experience the things I can’t.

Anyhow, I would like to share the story about what happened yesterday. But for the sake of professionalism and I don’t think anybody would really like to hear rumblings about my job, so never mind. It’s probably best and safe to just do some breathing exercises. And technically the week is not yet over so we will see what happens. I will update on Friday.


So yeah, it’s Sunday right now. Did not update last Friday, had to go to Madinat Zayed to see a different scenery. So anyways, nothing much really happened since the last time I posted. Me and the camp boss are still not in good terms. But he did call me this afternoon to inform me that I have an emergency. I had two emergencies today. The first one was at around 4 in the morning, the security personnel had yo wake me up because someone is suffering from stomach pain. Exciting! Then at around 1 in the afternoon I had someone collapse to the floor because he have fever. A lot of fever complaints this past two days. It’s probably because of the weather changing. It’s getting hot now, summer is just around the bend. Anyways, that’s how my week ended and is starting. It’s looking pretty good for the start of this week. Lots of work ahead.


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